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Electronics (điện tử)

Disk               n, an object used to store digital information (đĩa máy tính)

Facilitate         v, to make easier (làm cho dễ dàng, thuận tiện)

Network         n, an interconnected group or system (mạng lưới)

Popularity        n, the state of being widely admired, sought (tính đại chúng, phổ biến)

Popularize v.     popular adj.

Process           n, a series of operations or actions to bring about a result (quy trình)

Replace          v, to put back in a former place or position (thay thế)

Replacement n. replaceable adj.

Revolution      n, a sudden or momentous change in a situation (cuộc cách mạng, quay vòng)

Revolutionized v.          revolutionary adj.

Sharp             a, abrupt or acute; smart (sắc nét)

Skills               n, developed ability (kỹ năng)

Software         n, the programs for a computer (phần mềm)

Storage           n, the safekeeping of goods or information (kho, sự dự trữ)

Store v. n.

Technical        a, special skill or knowledge (Kỹ thuật)

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