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Condition sentence – Ex

I. Rewrite these sentences
1. If the Government were forced into another election, it would be the favourite to win.
2. If you should wish to make an appointment to see Dr Simons, she is available between 9.00 and 11.00.
3. If you should have further problems with your printer, contact your dealer for advice.
4. If you should decide to accept the post, you will be expected to start work on 1st April.


5. If we hear any further news, we will be in touch immediately.
6. If you wish to take advantage of the offer, kindly tick the box on your order form.
7. If the film should be a post office success, they may be sequel.
8. If you should change your mind, there will always be a job for you here.


9. If I had realized what would happen, I wouldn’t have accepted the job.

10. If an emergency should arise, dial 999.

11.  If Rex were a little more hardworking, he would not have failed.

12. If Mr Chan had been kinder to his employees, his business would not have collapsed.

EX 2:

1. If he should ring , I will tell him the news.
→ Should

2. If he has free time, he’ll play tennis.
→ Should

3. If she comes early, we’ll start.
→ Should

4. If I were a bird, I would fly.
→ Were

5. They would answer me if they were here.
→ Were

6. If I learnt Russian, I would read a Russian book.
→ Were I to

7. If it had rained yesterday, we would have stayed at home.
→ Had it

8. If he had trained hard, he would have won the match.
→ Had he

9. If they lived in Australia now, they would go swimming.

→ Were they

XII.  Rewrite these sentences, using inversion with WERE OR HAD
1. If the chemical were to leak, a large area of the sea would be contaminated.

2. If Germany were to beat Romania, they would face Italy in the final.
3. If Mr Morgan were still head master, he would not permit such bad behavior.
4. If you had given it on time, you would have got a high mark.
5. If she had become a lawyer, as her parents wished, she would have earn a large salary.
6. If anything has gone wrong with my plan, I would have held responsibility.
7.If it hadn’t been for Henry,I might not have met you.
8. If only they had confirmed by phone, the airline could have warned them.
9. The coast guards could have saved the vessels if they had been notified.
10. If his solicitor hadn’t advised him, he would have made a serious mistake.

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