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100 câu HSG lớp 7 – P1


1) Life _____ easier thanks to technology.

  1. is getting B. gets           C. get           D. are getting

2) Michael is generally a ____

  1. woman’s name           B. surname           C. man’s name D. family name

3) I have a friend called Fabrice. He___from France.

  1. came           B. come           C. comes D. has come

4) He’s her closest friend. He _____her since they were children.

  1. knew           B. knows           C. has known D. known

5) I’ve looked for my book everywhere, but I still_________it.

  1. haven’t found B. have found           C. find           D. didn’t found

6) Where_______you yesterday at 3p.m.?

  1. did           B. were C. was           D. are

7) Mr. Brown is ________

  1. a child           B. married C. not married           D. a girl

8) My favourite book when I was a child _______ Robinson Crusoe.

  1. is           B. are          C. was D. were

9) She _______ nineteen when she married.

  1. is           B. was C. isn’t           D. did

10) I bought the car from Professor Jones,_____lives just across the road.

  1. Whom           B. who    C. which           D. whose

11) He shouted at us,_______was very rude.

  1. whom         B. who           C. where           D. which

12) ________ he was late he stopped to buy a sandwich.

  1. Despite           B. Although C. In spite of           D. When

13) He went to work everyday_____he was very ill.

  1. even though B. because           C. but           D. in spite of

14) They put up a very large notice_______everybody would see it.

  1. to           B. in order to           C. so as to           D. so that

15) He likes chocolate. I like it ______

  1. either           B. so           C. too D. neither

16) At christmas, people often exchange kisses bneath a sprig of which plant ?.

  1. Holly           B. Mistletoe C. Ivy           D. Christmas tree

17) Russian is a _____

  1. place           B. country           C. nationality D. job

18) His shirt is new, and _______ is his tie.

  1. too           B. so C. neither           D. either

19) Henry is ______ sweet person.

  1. so           B. such           C. so a           D. such a

20) Helen______Japanese from a book.

  1. taught           B. taught herself C. teach           D. teach herself

21) In North America, children put stockings out at Xmas time. What about children in Holland?.

  1. Old hats           B. Beer mugs           C. Shoes D. Stockings

22) The bathroom is _____ the top of the house.

  1. by           B. in           C. on           D. at

23) The sixth Harry Potter Book is entitled: “Harry Potter and the Half-blood …”

  1. prince B. king           C. boy           D. royal

24) The Sherlock Holmes detective stories were written by _____

  1. Margaret Thatcher           B. Conan Doyle C. Graham Green         D.

25) I’m afraid I sing very ______.

  1. bad           B. badly C. good           D. beautiful

26) My parents were in Dublin _____ two weeks.

  1. during           B. for C. about           D. at

27) A period of thousand years is called a _________.

  1. era           B. century           C. millennium D. None of the bove

28) He earns _______ money.

  1. lot of           B. a lot           C. lots           D. a lot of

29) VAT stands for ________

  1. Value Adding Tax       B. Value Added Tax C. Value Added Taxes           D. None of the bove

30) EU stands for ________

  1. Europe Union           B. Europe Unity           C. European Union D. European Unity

31) M.P.H stands for _______

  1. miles per hour B. miles per hours           C. metres per hour           D. metres per hours

32) I’d like to _______ the job you advertised.

  1. apply           B. apply for C. applying           D. applying for

33) Paul was sitting ______ in a corner.

  1. by himself B. himself           C. by himselves           D. himselves

34) Which Italian city is the home of the famous car manufacturer Fiat?’

  1. Rome           B. Napoli           C. Turin D. Venice

35) Which of the sentences below is incorrect?

  1. She help me to choose a shirt.           B. Your explaination help me to understand the proble
  2. Thank for help me cleaning the car D. Let me help you

36) You know Bill, ________?

  1. do you ?           B. aren’t you?           C. don’t you? D. are you?

37) They didn’t finish on time, ______?

  1. did they B. didn’t they           C. do they           D. don’t they

38) Which letter can you drink?

  1. B           B. P           C. C           D. T

39) It is ______ long book that I couldn’t finish it.

  1. so           B. such           C. so a           D. such a

40) It’s the _____ film I’ve ever seen.

  1. good           B. better           C. best          D. bestest

41)   Which of the sentences below is incorrect?

  1. You should try to be quieter.           B. You should try to be more quiet.
  2. Friday is the busiest day of the week.           D. Friday is the most busy day of the week.

42) I’ve lost my key, ______ is very annoying.

  1. who           B. which C. whom           D. that

43) She lay in bed, ________ the rain falling.

  1. listen           B. listening           C. listen to           D. listening to

44) We haven’t seen them since January, _______ we were on holiday together.

  1. when B. where           C. which           D. that

45) I spoke very slowly ______ he didn’t understand English very well.

  1. so that           B. because C. to           D. because of

46) You were wrong ________ criticize them for something they didn’t do.

  1. to B. when           C. so as to           D. if

47) Which of the sentences below is incorrect?

  1. Take out the money and hand it over.           B. Put down your gun and put up your hands.
  2. Look it up in the dictionary.           D. There’s a policeman coming. Watch!

48) If you are kind and generous, people say ‘You have a heart of ________’.

  1. silver           B. diamonds           C. gold D. sunshine

49) I didn’t get the job! B: ‘ ________________’

  1. Good heavens!           B. That’s brilliant!
  2. Same to you !           D. Never mind, better luck next time !

50) When I looked around the door, the baby __________ quietly.

  1. is sleeping           B. slept           C. was sleeping D. were sleeping

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